Bebiboo - the Babynest

A babynest can both look beautiful but also be very functional. Take a closer look at our Premium Bebiboo babynest, if you want high-quality for your baby!

Avainlipulla palkittu Suomessa valmistettu unipesä

The Bebiboo babynest – give your baby a piece of Finland

There is no bigger love than the love you feel for your own child. We want to make your baby feel safe, loved and cared for. Even when you are not at home. Bebiboo babynest reminds the little one of the comfort of mother’s womb and makes it easier for the baby to calm down and fall asleep anywhere.

We are sure you will fall in love with your Bebiboo – we did! And so have done hundreds of families around the world!  Do you ever look at those energetic families doing all the fun things who never seem to be tired? Well, maybe they have a Bebiboo!


Nuku sikeästi vauvasi kanssa kotona

At home

The Bebiboo babynest helps you to get your hands free for some household work which makes your everyday life much easier. So don’t worry, Bebiboo will take care of your little one when the dirty dishes are piling up and you need to water your flowers.

Vauvanpesä sopii käytettäväksi myös matkalla

When Travelling

When you are travelling Bebiboo gives the baby a safe and comfortable place to learn all the new and exciting things in the world, no matter where you are. Bebiboo is lightweight and easy to keep clean, which makes it a must-have for parents who like to travel. Bebiboo will be the same safe place for your baby, and will therefore make your baby more relaxed while you are travelling.

Laita unipesä vaikka vauvan vaunuihin

In the Stroller

Bebiboo is a great way to make the baby feel more comfortable in the stroller and it fits well in most strollers due to it’s design. Bebiboo’s swaddle-like design keeps your little one feeling safe even when you are strolling on difficult terrain. Now you can go for a walk to see the beautiful nature of your hometown or go and explore all the lovely sights around the world.

High-quality Babynest

Only the best materials and design

The materials of Bebiboo are carefully selected and we have put a lot of thought to the design. It’s simple yet stylish design is also a beautiful addition to the interior of your home. We understand that with a new baby in the house it might be a little bit chaotic every now and then so we wanted to make your life a little bit easier by making the Bebiboo easily washable. Just remove the mattress and wash your Bebiboo in the washing machine with other laundry.

Bebiboo is 100% handmade in Finland!

We can proudly present, that the white colored Bebiboo has been given te KEY FLAG in Finland. The Key Flag is a high-quality standard, that can be given to products made strictly in Finland.

No more restless nights

Have you heard about the moro reflex? It’s the infant’s reaction that makes the baby to suddenly spread his arms and legs almost as if he was falling and calms down when he gets something swaddle-like around him. This reaction will fade away with time but it might seem very scary to new parents. The moro reflex is a response of a sudden loss of support, and therefore Bebiboo can help your baby to feel more safe and not to get the Moro reflex frequently.

Your baby can get signifant help from the Moro reflex, due to it’s safe and soft edges. The baby will feel that it is still in the womb, and logically, the baby will relax.

In many places the still use the swaddle to save the baby from the moro reflex. This tradition has lasted because mothers all around the world have noticed it to bring the feeling of safety – the same way as in mother’s womb.

Bebiboo-babynest works like a swaddle and will minimize the possibility of this sudden reaction and help your baby to feel safe and sleep continuously through the night without interruptions. This way your little one will learn to sleep more calmly later in life too.

It also makes the diaper changing and other baby care much easier if you use the Bebiboo as a changing pad.

The baby sleeps in a babynest

Quality and elegance

Bebiboo has been designed keeping in mind all the things happening during the little one’s day: playing, resting and sleeping! This is a real multitasking product made with professional knowledge. We have designed this quality product keeping in mind that with a little baby everything doesn’t always go as planned. You never know when the diaper might leak!

  • Bebiboo’s mattress is waterproof and easily removable
  • The outer fabric is very durable
  • The inner fabric in silky soft cotton satin
  • The stout yet soft edges will stay that way wash after wash
  • Adjustable size
  • Allergy-free
  • Breathable
  1.  Bebiboo has a waterproof and easily removable mattress.

  2. The outer fabric on Bebiboo is durable and made to last.

  3. The inner fabric on Bebiboo is silky soft cotton, which is 100% OEKO-TEX.

  4.  The poofy edge gives your baby support. Even after you wash your Bebiboo, it will remain it’s shape.

  5. Adjustable size, so that you can always keep Bebiboo compact for your baby. This is the best way to use Bebiboo – as compact as possible.

  6. Allergy-free and breathable!

Konepestävä 40 asteessa

Easily machine washable – just remove the mattress, nothing else

We understand that parents have a lot of things on their daily to-do-list. That’s why we have made Bebiboo easy to clean – to make your daily life a little bit easier.

The entire Bebiboo is machine washable – just remove the waterproof mattress and put your Bebiboo to the washing machine with other laundry. The mattress doesn’t need to be washed at all, but you can wipe it off. Wash your Bebiboo in the morning, and it is dry until the evening – we have thought of that too!

This babynest will keep it’s shape wash after wash and stay good even for the next possible user.

Made for your family

All the babies are different size and shape and because of that we have made Bebiboo adjustable so it will be just the right size from the beginning. The best time for Bebiboo babynest is when the baby is 0-7 months. But feel free to use it after that too!  In the soft and stout Bebiboo it’s easy for your little one to play, rest and sleep learning new skills every day.

Finally a good night’s sleep for parents too!

The sleepless nights are probably very familiar to all the parents even the ones with relatively well sleeping babies. When sleeping in Bebiboo the sleep comes easily because this safe little nest surrounds the baby making him feel safe and calm. It’s a lot easier for parents to get a peaceful sleep too knowing that their little one is sleeping calmly in this safe nest. The baby won’t be able to roll out from Bebiboo because of it’s stout edges and for same reason you don’t need to worry about rolling over the baby either if he is sleeping next to you.

Because Bebiboo is very lightweight it’s easy to move around even when the baby is sleeping. Unlike the regular baby bed with all the hassle and noise that will wake the baby up.

Bebiboo helps the tired parents to get the sleep they need to stay healthy and happy. The new family member will bring a lot of joy but this doesn’t always show on a tired parent’s face. Do you remember when was the last time you really slept well? Bebiboo babynest will help the whole family sleep better!


The Bebiboo babynest - probably the most high-quality babynest on the market
A cute baby sleeping in Bebiboo babynest

It’s easy to move the baby in the Bebiboo babynest – even while your baby is sleeping! In the other baby beds, you might have to change the whole interior in a room to get the baby bed to fit in. Even then, it can be difficult to move the bed without getting your baby to wake up. When your baby sleeps in a Bebiboo babynest, you can feel relaxed if you baby fell asleep while having Bebiboo on your sofa, whilst you are watching tv – you will easily be able to move your baby around inside Bebiboo babynest, and your baby will be happy it wasn’t removed from the bed.

When your baby sleeps well, also parents sleeps better. Many parents say, they would pay anything to get more sleep during the nights. Bebiboo can significantly help you to get more sleep as a parent! Then you will feel more energetic and have more time for your baby, without being irritated and tired for the whole day. Who wouldn’t like that?


Vauvalle parhaat unet kotona tai matkalla

The portable feeling of safety

Bebiboo is a real multitasker. You can have a nice day out with your friends by taking the Bebiboo and your baby’s favorite toys with you wherever you go. Maybe it’s a sunny day at the beach or a picnic, you don’t have to worry about where to put your baby. Your baby will have his own safe nest with him where he can take a little nap if all that playing makes him tired. After a refreshing nap he might have some new energy to practice some crawling and climbing against the soft and steady edges of Bebiboo.

This babynest is very easy and lightweight to carry around and if it gets dirty, you can just wash it with all the other laundry. This way your little one will always have his familiar place with him. It has never been easier for a baby to fall asleep on a public place.

It is so exciting to see the world sitting down- when the time is right to learn that new skill! Some of our Bebiboo-styles fold from the middle to form a safe little seat. Bebiboo will always guarantee the same safe feeling regardless how you use it, as a sleeping nest, play mat, changing pad or a seat! Try it and you know what we mean!